The history behind Skærbæk Eksport

Skærbæk Eksport is a public limited company founded by local farmers in 1940. Since then, it has been a meeting place where private individuals and businesses can have their animals seen by the veterinarians of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and thereby approved for transportation abroad.

The Skærbæk Eksport building also dates from 1940, when the farmers founded it. It was placed opposite the train station when the animals were exported by train. Today, the animals are exported on approved trucks.

In December 2008, Verner Bøjtang, Henrik Nielsen and Per Sørensen took over Skærbæk Eksport. All three have different occupations on the side. In 2010, the barn capacity was expanded to five reloading ramps that exist currently. A new washing area was also created, with space for four trucks to be washed simultaneously.

Verner Bøjtang sells both piglets and slaughter pigs abroad and owns the company, Griseformidling Vest.

Per Sørensen owns the trucking company, Foldingbro Vognmandsforretning, and transports cattle and pigs.

Henrik Nielsen is self-employed.

Today, piglets, slaughter pigs, sheep, calves, and cattle are exported from Skærbæk Eksport.